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  • CBHI

    Currently GMBH provides the following CBHI services; In-Home Therapy and Therapeutic Mentoring services.

  • Individual therapy

    GMBH currently provides individual therapy to children, teen-agers and adults utilizing an eclectic clinical approach that is strength-based and client centered

  • Community Support

    GMBH offers community support services to all eligible clients hoping to improve their daily living skills so that they are able to live independent lives. Services include coordination and linkage to services such as housing, vocational training, medication management, substance abuse treatment, legal issues, SSI applications, TAFDC applications, PT-1 forms etc.    

  • Couples Therapy

    GMBH provides counseling to couples seeking healthier communication patterns to improve their relationship.

  • Family Therapy

    GMBH provides counseling to families seeking ways to improve the overall dynamics which negatively impact family relationships.

  • Substance Abuse

    GMBH offers substance abuse counseling to those clients struggling with addiction.

  • Group Therapy

    GMBH offers a wide range of psycho-educational and psycho-social group therapy topics which may include, expressive therapy, art/dance therapy, yoga therapy, anger management and conflict resolution groups.

  • Parenting Groups

    GMBH offers parenting groups for parents seeking support and skill-building to effectively parent their children.